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Wave Gathering 2007 - APwavegirl - 04-26-2007

Hey Folks,
Quick Heads up on:
The 2nd Annual Wave Gathering Music Festival ~ Asbury Park 2007
Come celebrate the * music * buzz * culture * rebirth * in Asbury Park
*~May 18th, 19th & 20th ~*

With over 150 artists at 18 venues, the second annual Wave Gathering music festival promises to be one of the biggest events in Asbury Park’s long musical history.The festival will be held Friday, May 18, Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, & May 20 at various venues throughout the city. Music industry panels, focusing on important issues affecting an ever-changing business, will also be part of the Wave Gathering 2007.
Check the website for all the details on this three day event: